How to update equipment

To make a piece of equipment inactive, select "Equipment Inventory" under the "Equipment" tab. An expandable list of your club's equipment should appear. To edit an entire category, select the stylus icon next to the eye on the right-hand side of the listing.

Equipment List.png

The Update Equipment Category page allows you to select whether the equipment is reservable, loanable, maintainable (can have maintenance requests created for it), active or if it requires an active membership to go out. The "Designated Contact Email(s)" is a list of emails (comma separated) which will be notified when maintenance issues are reported.  If you wish to make changes to the entire category of equipment, do so on this page.

Update Equipment Category.png

If you wish to make changes to one piece of equipment, return to the equipment inventory by selecting "List Equipment Category" in the upper righthand corner.  The equipment list allows you to expand each category and choose an individual craft. Select the Plus sign next to the category name for an expanded list.


The expanded category not only shows you each craft, but also their current state of maintenance. To make one of these craft inactive, select the stylus icon on the far right-hand side of its listing. 

Equipment Inventory expanded.png

The Update Equipment page allows you to edit the equipment's current information, from its category to its description. 

Update Equipment Page 1.png

Below the "Description" box is the "Active" equipment box. To make this item inactive, select the blue checked box. It will become white once deselected. The "Designated contact overrides" section designates emails contacted in case of damage or issues with the equipment (note: in both the category and equipment fields, you can enter multiple emails with commas). The "Allow multiple loans" option allows this item to be checked out to more than once member at once. This is helpful to track usage of non-cataloged items such as lifejackets where you want to know if someone took one, but don't need to know the specific one. 

 Once all material on the page is completed correctly, select "Save" in the bottom left-hand side of the page.

Update Equipment page 2.png The Equipment's individual page will contain "Active Maintenance Requests", "Recent Loans" and "Details" sections.

Note: You also have the option to "Delete equipment" on this page. Avoid deleting equipment as you lose all of its history, especially relative to reports. In nearly all cases, once a piece of equipment is disposed or no longer in use, it can be made inactive and effectively hidden throughout the system.


Z420 Equipment page 1.png

The "Details" section will display the equipment as inactive.

Z420 equipment page 2.png

The equipment will no longer appear with the active equipment unless the "Include inactive items?" box directly below the "Equipment List" header is selected.

Inactive Equipment list.png