How to sign up for paid events

Search for a paid event like you would any other event.

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Once you've selected the event, you will notice that this event's page has a price listed on the far right side.

Paid event Screen shot.png

Upon selecting "Sign up", a pop up window will appear with the option to "Add to cart" (Note: If your event has different sign up options (such as a deposit, remainder payment or early signup discounts) will be shown here. Select the option you wish to purchase.

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Depending on the event, there may be different event payment packages. A normal payment will only require a one time purchase, while a package payment requires a number of different payments (like an upfront deposit due on signup and a remainder payment required 30 days before event). Package payments, like the one listed above, are often early sign ups and may even be offered at a discount to users. Once you have added the event to your cart, you will receive a confirmation and arrive at your cart's page. Select "Check out" to continue.

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You will be asked to reconfirm your contact information, or, if you are registering someone else, their contact information (for a summer camp this should be the child's information). Once completed, select "Submit" below. 

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You will be prompted to confirm your purchase on the next page. To do so, select "Complete Purchase".

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You will be prompted to provide your billing information. Once this has been completed, select "Submit".

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Finally, you will be asked for your credit card information (Note: depending on your organization's credit card processor, this page might appear differently than shown here). Once this information has been filled in, select "Submit Payment". 

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If the information you have submitted is correct, a final confirmation will follow the successful processing of your payment, and the event will appear in your "Events Participated" page. (Note: if you need to remove yourself from a paid event online you must contact your club's office to discuss the refund or rescheduling) (Note: if your event has multiple payments (such as a deposit and a remainder payment), you can return to this page to complete payment. An email will remind you when it is due) (Note: you cannot remove yourself from a paid event online. To remove yourself from the event contact your club's office to discuss rescheduling and/or refunds).