Administrator Overview

Administrators have access to everything site wide. Their blue bar menu is expanded to include "Events", "Users", "Financial", "Equipment", "Reports" and "Administration".

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Under the "Financial" tab, options to "Administer Accounts", "Administer Items for Sale" and "View Financial Reports" are available.

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The "Administer Accounts" section allows you to edit accounts attached to club specific groups, merchandise sold and large trips.

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The "Administer Items for Sale" section allows you to assign new items (Merchandise, Event, Memberships and Equipment Rentals) in the POS system or for online sales.

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The "View Financial Reports" section allows you to generate reports of transactions between selectable dates.

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Under the "Administration" tab, options to "Administer Email Lists", "Administer Email Templates", "Administer Ratings", "Edit Page Announcements" and "Edit Page Content" are available (Note: options can be added or removed based on needs of club).

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The "Administer Email Lists" section allows you to create an email list, or edit/organize current email lists by location, name, address, classification, type and description. This page also shows the users subscribed to each list

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The "Administer Email Templates" section allows you to update automated emails sent to announce or remind users of cancelations and actions.

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The "Administer Event Categories" section allows you to edit/update current event categories, or create new ones.

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The "Administer Event Templates" section allows you to create a new Event Template, or update current event templates (arrangeable by Code, Name, Number of participants and Number of alternates). 

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The "Administer Leadership Positions" section allows you to create new Leadership Positions or update current Leadership Positions.

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The "Edit Page Announcements" section allows you to create Announcements or update current Announcements (arrangeable by Location, Page, Start Date, End Date and Title).

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The "Edit Page Content" section allows you to change the content of each page (arrangeable by Name and Description).

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